• squaresLab after a friendly but competitive bowling excursion
  • squaresLab after successfully solving Carnegie'$ Million$ at Escape Room Pittsburgh
  • squaresLab in our squaresLab t-shirts after an axe throwing social event

We Care About Software Quality

squaresLab, at Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science, focuses on Software QUAlity in Real Evolving Systems.* We do research in automated techniques to reason about, assure, measure and then improve the quality of real, messy, ever-changing software.

Our public projects can be found at squaresLab GitHub

squaresLab@CMU is led by (Associate) Professor Claire Le Goues, and also includes:

We have alums:

Our present undergraduate researchers are:

Past visiting students include:

We have also worked with a number of wonderful undergraduates through the REUSE program. You should apply!

If you’re not sure who to contact, squaresLab can be reached via email: clegoues@cs.cmu.edu

*We apologize, sort of, for the egregious backronym.