Source code for bugzoo.core.bug

__all__ = ['Bug']

from typing import List, Dict, Optional, Any, Tuple, Iterable
import os
import warnings
import logging

import attr

from .language import Language
from .test import TestSuite
from .coverage import CoverageInstructions
from ..compiler import Compiler

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)  # type: logging.Logger

def _convert_languages(langs: Iterable[Language]) -> Tuple[Language, ...]:
    return tuple(langs)

[docs]@attr.s(frozen=True) class Bug(object): """ Bugs provide an immutable snapshot of a software system at a given point in time, allowing it to be empirically studied and inspected in a transparent and reproducible manner. """ name = attr.ib(type=str) image = attr.ib(type=str) dataset = attr.ib(type=Optional[str]) program = attr.ib(type=Optional[str]) source = attr.ib(type=Optional[str]) source_dir = attr.ib(type=str) languages = attr.ib(type=Tuple[Language, ...], converter=_convert_languages) tests = attr.ib(type=TestSuite) compiler = attr.ib(type=Compiler) instructions_coverage = attr.ib(type=Optional[CoverageInstructions], default=None) @property def harness(self) -> TestSuite: warnings.warn("'harness' is being deprecated in favour of 'tests'", DeprecationWarning) return self.tests @staticmethod def from_dict(d: Dict[str, Any]) -> 'Bug': name = d['name'] languages = [Language[lang] for lang in d['languages']] tests = TestSuite.from_dict(d['test-harness']) compiler = Compiler.from_dict(d['compiler']) instructions_coverage = None # type: Optional[CoverageInstructions] has_cov_ins = 'coverage' in d has_cov_ins_type = has_cov_ins and 'type' in d['coverage'] if has_cov_ins_type: logger.debug("bug [%s]: using coverage instructions type [%s]", name, d['coverage']['type']) instructions_coverage = \ CoverageInstructions.from_dict(d['coverage']) elif len(languages) == 1: lang = languages[0] cls_cov_ins = CoverageInstructions.language_default(lang) if not cls_cov_ins: logger.debug("no default coverage instructions for language [%s]", lang) else: logger.debug("bug [%s]: using default coverage instructions type [%s] for language [%s]", name, cls_cov_ins, instructions_coverage = \ cls_cov_ins.from_dict(d.get('coverage', {})) else: logger.warning("no coverage instructions for bug: %s", name) return Bug(name=name, image=d['image'], dataset=d['dataset'], program=d['program'], source=d['source'], source_dir=d['source-location'], languages=languages, tests=tests, compiler=compiler, instructions_coverage=instructions_coverage) def to_dict(self) -> Dict[str, Any]: """ Produces a dictionary-based description of this bug, ready to be serialised in a JSON or YAML format. """ d = { 'name':, 'image': self.image, 'program': self.program, 'dataset': self.dataset, 'source': self.source, 'source-location': self.source_dir, 'languages': [ for l in self.languages], 'compiler': self.compiler.to_dict(), 'test-harness': self.tests.to_dict() } if self.instructions_coverage: d['coverage'] = self.instructions_coverage.to_dict() return d