Collaborators working on this project

GenProg is primarily a collaboration between three PIs:

In addition, we are indebted to a number of graduate and undergraduate researchers, without whom this project would not be possible:

Current researchers:

  • Dr. Christopher Timperley: Post-Doctoral Researcher, Carnegie Mellon University

Past researchers:

  • Dr. Jonathan Dorn: University of Virginia
  • Neal Holtschulte: University of New Mexico
  • Dr. Eric Schulte: moved on to GrammaTech
  • Dr. ThanhVu Nguyen: University Nebraska - Lincoln
  • Dr. Zachary P. Fry: moved on to GrammaTech
  • Brianna Satchell: moved on to Microsoft
  • Bryan Alex Landau: moved on to Microsoft
  • Ethan Fast: moved on to Stanford
  • Jeremy Lacomis: moved on to Carnegie Mellon University
  • Jonathan DiLorenzo: moved on to Cornell
  • Michael Dewey-Vogt: University of Virginia
  • Nicholas Jalbert: moved on to Berkeley
  • Nicholas Modly: University of Virginia
  • Shirley Park: moved on to Carnegie Mellon University