All of BugZoo’s exceptions inherit from the BugZooException class, making it easier to catch errors that are related to BugZoo within your application.

from bugzoo.exceptions import BugZooException

except BugZooException:
  print("an error occurred in BugZoo")
except Exception:
  print("an error occurred that was unrelated to BugZoo")


class BugZooException[source]

The base class used by all BugZoo exceptions.

class ConnectionFailure[source]

The client failed to connect to the BugZoo daemon within its allocated timeout window.

class NameInUseError[source]

A given name is already in use by another resource.

class ImageBuildFailed[source]

An attempt to build a given Docker image has failed.

class ImageNotInstalled[source]

A given Docker image has not been installed on the server.

class ImageAlreadyExists[source]

A given Docker image is already installed on the server.

class FileNotFound[source]

No file was found at the given path inside the container.

class ArgumentNotSpecified[source]

An argument was expected but none was specified.

class BadManifestFile[source]

The server failed to parse a manifest file.

class UnexpectedResponse[source]

The server produced a response that was not recognised by the client.

class UnexpectedServerError[source]

The server encountered an unexpected error whilst dealing with a request.

class UnexpectedStatusCode[source]

The server produced an unexpected status code in response to an API request.

class BugNotFound[source]

Indicates that no bug was found that matches the provided identifier.

class BugAlreadyExists[source]

A bug is already registered under a given name on the server.

class BugAlreadyBuilt[source]

The given bug has already been installed on the server.

class BugNotInstalledError[source]

A given bug has not been installed.

class SourceNotFoundWithURL[source]

No source that matches a given URL was found.

class SourceNotFoundWithName[source]

No source that matches a given name was found.

class SourceAlreadyRegisteredWithURL[source]

A source is already registered with a given URL.

class FailedToComputeCoverage[source]

An error was encountered inside the container whilst attempting to collect its coverage information.

class NoCoverageInstructions[source]

No coverage instructions were found for a given bug/container.

class BadCoverageInstructions[source]

The associated set of coverage instructions are illegal.

class ContainerNotFound[source]

No active container was found with a given identifier.

class TestNotFound[source]

No test was found with the given name.

class ToolNotFound[source]

Indicates that no tool was found with the given name.