tool commands

The tool commands are used to manage the installation of tools on the local machine.

tool list [-q] [–installed|–uninstalled]

Produces a list of all tools that are registered with the local BugZoo installation. Optional flags can be used to filter out (un)installed tools (i.e.., --installed, --uninstalled), or to produce an unannotated list of artefacts (-q).

$ bugzoo tool list

Tool     Source                                      Installed?
-------  ------------------------------------------  ------------
genprog  Yes

tool uninstall [-f|–force] {name}

Uninstalls the Docker image associated with a given tool.

$ bugzoo tool uninstall genprog

The -f flag can be used to force the uninstallation of a tool, regardless of whether or not it is running, causing any containers using that artefact to abruptly terminate – use at your own risk.

tool build [-f|–force] {name}

Attempts to build the Docker image associated with a given tool. If an image for the tool is already installed to the local machine, the request to build will simply be ignored. Passing the -f flag will force the image to be rebuilt.

$ bugzoo tool build genprog

tool download [-f|–force] {name}

Attempts to download a prebuilt Docker image from DockerHub for a given tool. If an image for the tool already exists on the local machine, then, by default, the download request will be ignored (regardless of whether the remote image is older or newer than the local image). Passing the -f flag will override this default behaviour and force BugZoo to download the image from DockerHub, overwriting the existing image.

$ bugzoo tool download genprog

tool upload {name}

Uploads the Docker image for a given tool from the local machine to DockerHub. Requires that the image has been built, and that the user is logged into DockerHub (via docker login) and has the necessary permissions to push to the DockerHub repository for the image.

$ bugzoo tool upload genprog

This command should be used by tools maintainers to conveniently push the images for their tools to DockerHub, allowing others to quickly and conveniently download them using tool download.